This document provides reference to policies and procedures and charges for the maintenance and operation of Quilcene Cemetery.  All policies, rules and regulations are subject to applicable Washington State law.  It is understood that violation of the policies, rules and regulations contained herein will be corrected at the purchaser’s expense.  These policies, rules and regulations may be amended at any regular Cemetery Commissioners Board meeting, by a majority vote of the Commissioners.

Describes all property which has been purchased or dedicated for use at Quilcene Cemetery located at:  481 Cemetery Road, Quilcene, Washington 98376

All lots in Quilcene Cemetery are conveyed to the purchaser by Certificate of Ownership after final payment, but the rights of the purchaser therein are subject to such policies and procedures as are to be made from time to time by the Cemetery District or the duly designated body acting on its behalf.

The policies and procedures contained in this section are made for the benefit of the lot owners and are designated to describe their rights and responsibilities for the benefit of all. These policies and procedures may limit actions which would interfere with the rights and enjoyment of others, as well as require or encourage actions to preserve and enhance the general scheme and beauty of the property. No policy has been adopted except as is necessary to preserve the rights of all for whom the District considers itself the trustee.

These policies and procedures may be changed or amended without notice at any time by the District, and will be so changed and amended when any rule is found to be detrimental to the best interests of the lot owners as a whole or when new conditions require the adoption of other or further policies.

Upon request, copies may be obtained from the Cemetery District.

The grade of all lots is established by the Cemetery District, and no change shall be allowed.

All lots in Quilcene Cemetery will be sold, and are conveyed by Certificate of Ownership for burial or placement of memorial marker purposes only.

Funerals within Quilcene Cemetery shall be under the control of the Cemetery District.

Interest in cemetery property shall be governed by Chapter 68 RCW as now and hereafter amended. The Cemetery District shall endeavor to determine the legal next of kin, but the District shall not be held responsible for failure to do so. The District shall not be responsible for activities authorized by persons falsely representing themselves as next of kin.

The right is reserved by Quilcene Cemetery to be notified at least one week before any interment in order that the grave may be properly marked. Quilcene Cemetery will not be responsible for the completion of the grave site marking without proper notification.

A maximum of one adult casket (or two infant caskets, if placed lengthwise) per regular lot shall be allowed. No double depth casket burials are permitted. No interment of remains other than that of a human being shall be permitted. Regular graves designated for one casket shall allow for a maximum of one casket and three urns, or zero caskets and four urns. The Cemetery does not require that the casket be in a vault or liner.

No interment will be permitted without the proper Burial Permit as required by the Jefferson County Health Department. The Cemetery District shall not be responsible in any manner for securing any permit. Cremated remains must be properly labeled and accompanied by acceptable documentation to certify identity of the cremated remains.

When a lot is held jointly, authorization for interment will be granted to either the owner or the legal heirs of the deceased. An agreement may be made between common owners regarding the right of burial, but the Cemetery District will not undertake to enforce such an agreement.

A lot is intended as a family burial place of the purchaser. The family may permit the interment in a lot a non-member of the family, but an heir cannot permit an internment of a non-family member except by unanimous consent of all owners.

Provisions concerning permission for burial shall be governed by state law in Chapter 68 RCW as now or hereafter amended.

Under no condition shall Quilcene Cemetery permit a burial without proper authorization.

Provisions concerning permission to remove remains shall be governed by State Law in Chapter 68 RCW as now or hereafter amended.

Regular graves are designated for one casket with the authorization to place a maximum of:
• one casket and three urns, or
• zero caskets and four urns.

Permanent grave markers are to be placed upon all graves, including cremation, within one year of burial. Permanent markers must contain, at a minimum, the individual’s name, year of birth, and year of death.

All lot owners must keep in good repair all stone or monumental work upon the lots. The Cemetery District does not bind itself to maintain, repair, or replace any markers, monuments or monumental structures erected upon the lot which are lost or damaged due to weather, age, vandalism or normal maintenance.

Memorial setting and on-site engraving shall be scheduled with and authorized by the Cemetery District at least one week prior to the work. The Cemetery District reserves the right to remove any memorial which was set or engraved without permission of the Cemetery District and/or does not conform to the standards set forth in these rules and regulations.

No memorial shall be placed on an occupied lot until all cemetery fees are paid in full. No memorial shall be placed at a pre-need lot until said lot is paid for in full. No further engraving of a previously installed memorial shall be authorized until all cemetery fees have been paid in full.

The maximum side to side width allowed for a marker on a plot is 8” less than the overall width of the plot (or double plot width if a companion marker is being placed), equally spaced on each side. Most plots are 4’ wide and 8’ long, however there are exceptions. The specific plot width may be verified by the Cemetery District if necessary.

More than one marker per plot is allowed, however only one marker may be vertical (or two, if side by side), and any others must be at ground level. The vertical marker(s) must be at the head of the plot.

All memorial setting companies shall meet all required cemetery specifications and cleanup of the area when finished. The work must be scheduled a minimum of twenty four hours in advance.

All monument dealers or agents shall be responsible for damage to property while they are working in the Cemetery.

All work in regard to improvements of lots shall be performed only by the Cemetery District or its designated contractors. No lot or grave shall be defined by fence, railing, hedge, unauthorized memorial or any other object which extends above the ground.

Plot coverings other than grass are only allowed if they are 1) a permanent installation, 2) flush with ground level, and 3) not loose material (bark, rock, etc.) which could be disturbed by mowing.

Any item existing on or before February 2017 will be considered grandfathered and exempt.

Any item not conforming with stated policies is subject to removal by the Cemetery District.

Only personnel authorized by the Cemetery District shall plant, trim, prune, or remove any part of the trees or shrubs in the cemetery. If any tree or shrub situated on any lot by means of its roots, branches, or otherwise becomes dangerous to the adjacent lots, walks or avenues, the Cemetery District shall have the right and it shall be its duty to remove the trees or shrubs, or any parts thereof as it may see fit, at any time and without notice.

Quilcene Cemetery shall have the authority to remove all floral designs, flowers, weeds, trees, shrubs or plants of any kind from the cemetery as soon as, in the judgment of the Cemetery District, they become unsightly, dangerous, detrimental, diseased, or when they do not conform to the general standards maintained.

Quilcene Cemetery shall not be liable for floral pieces, baskets, or frames in which or to which such floral pieces are attached.

Quilcene Cemetery shall not be responsible for plants or plantings of any kind damaged by the elements, thieves, vandals or by other causes beyond its control.

Quilcene Cemetery reserves the right to regulate the method of decorating graves so that a uniform beauty may be maintained.

Cut flowers during the year may be removed and disposed of by the Cemetery District or its designated contractors as the flowers deteriorate and become wilted or unsightly.

Potted plants in containers are allowed on graves as long as the container remains atop the confines of the marker on the grave. Absolutely no glass containers allowed in the cemetery at any time. The items in the glass container and the container shall be disposed of immediately.

The Cemetery District will not be responsible for the storage of any pots, shrubs, or plants that are picked up for disposal.

Stakes of any material or wire at any time are not allowed and will be removed immediately from the grave once they are discovered.

No animals shall be allowed in the cemetery except for service animals.

The speed of a vehicle shall not exceed ten miles per hour within the confines of the cemetery. At no time should a vehicle drive off the road, except at the express direction of a Cemetery Commissioner.

Picking flowers, breaking or injuring trees or shrubs or in any way injuring any monument or headstone is prohibited and subject to severe penalty according to State law.

If anything is placed on a grave which is deemed improper, it will be removed by the Cemetery District.

The Cemetery District shall have the right to make exceptions from the foregoing rules when deemed advisable for the best interest of the property. Such exceptions shall not be considered as rescinding or waiving any of these rules. Any waiver that may be made by the Cemetery District shall not be or considered to be a continuing waiver and shall not bar the Cemetery District from enforcing the usual policies and procedures at any later time it may desire so to do.

The Cemetery is open to visitors from sunrise to sunset.

The charges and regulations relating to Quilcene Cemetery shall be established by the Cemetery District and shall remain in effect until a new schedule or regulation is filed with and approved by the Cemetery District.

Plot pricing is as follows:

  1. $100 per plot:
    – May be purchased by a current or past resident or landowner of Cemetery District #2. When purchased by a current or past resident or landowner, the use of said plot is not restricted.
    – May be purchased by someone who is not a current or past resident or landowner of Cemetery District #2 if, and only if, it is to be used for a current or past resident or landowner.
  2. $250 per plot:
    – May be purchased by or for use by an individual who is a relative of a current or past resident or landowner of Cemetery District #2.
    – May be purchased by or for use by an individual who is a relative of someone buried in Quilcene Cemetery who may not have been a resident or landowner.

Individuals not covered under the above are not eligible to purchase a plot.

Plots may be sold back to the Cemetery for the same cost at which they were originally purchased, as determined by the records of the Cemetery.

Burial:     The placement of human remains in a grave. This term may be used in reference to either a casket or cremains.

Cemetery:     A burial place for earth interments.

Committal:     That part of a funeral service which places the remains of the deceased to his/her final resting place.

Collar:     The concrete edging around the memorial to protect the memorial from damage and to allow trimming around the memorial.

Cremains:     A human body after cremation in a crematory.

Extended Property Use:     The placement of cremains in a lot which was created for the placement of a casket burial by extending additional burial rights to the lot.

Foundation:     A granite or concrete slab placed in the ground level to support and stabilize a memorial.

Interment:     The disposition of human remains by cremation and inurnment, entombment, or burial in a place used or intended to be used and dedicated for cemetery purposes.

Inurnment:     Specifically reserved to refer to the placement of cremains.

Memorial:     Any grave marker, headstone, or monument that is intended to permanently mark a grave.

Liner:     Any concrete material which is buried in the ground to provide outer protection, ground stabilization and into which human remains are placed in the burial process.

Vault:     Any container which is buried in the ground and sealed to provide outer protection and in which human remains are placed for burial.