About Jefferson County Cemetery District #2

Jefferson County Cemetery District #2 (Quilcene Cemetery) is a junior taxing authority; its primary source of income  (approximately $14,000 per year) is a tax levy of $0.04 per $1000 of assessed value on each parcel within the Cemetery District. It is assumed to be a municipal corporation as well.

The Jefferson County Treasurer acts as the fiduciary for the Cemetery District; no income is handled by the District (except for plot sales), and disbursements are made by the County upon receiving a duly authorized voucher. All accounting functions are handled by Jefferson County. The Cemetery District prepares and submits an Annual Report to the State of Washington Auditor as required by law.

Per Washington State Law, no burial (casket or ashes) may occur without prior approval of a Cemetery Commissioner, and submission of required information.

Meetings of the Commissioners are held on the 3rd Monday of each month at the Quilcene Museum at 7:00 pm. They are open to the public, as required by Washington State law.

Commissioners are elected for a six year term, with terms staggered to expire every two years.

Commissioner #1, term expires 2027
Laurie Neuenschwander

Commissioner #2, term expires 2023
Mary Ann Stamper

Commissioner #3, term expires 2025
Michael Spears