Originally a part of the Richardson family’s farm, the first known burial, 6 year old Ira Richardson, occurred in 1884. Between then and 1902, twenty-five individuals were buried here, both members of the Richardson family and also members of the community.
In 1902, the Richardson family donated 4 acres of land to create the Cemetery, and in 1911 the Jefferson County Commissioners approved the new cemetery at its present location. Until 1978, the management of the Cemetery was handled by the Foresters and the local Masonic Lodge.

Jefferson County Cemetery District #2 (Quilcene Cemetery) was formed by action of the voters on September 19, 1978.

Civil War Veterans

Quilcene Cemetery is the resting place of eight known Civil War veterans.

  • David S Bowman: Union, from Ohio; served from Feb 1864 – July 1865
  • William S Etter: Confederate, from Tennessee; served from Dec 1861 – July 1863
  • Samuel Lingenfelter: Union, from Illinois; served from Apr 1864 – July 1865
  • James Platt: Union, from Wisconsin; served from Sept 1861 – Jan 1863
  • Ebenezer Powers: Union, from California; served from Sept 1864 – Apr 1866
  • Percival Spencer: Union, from Indiana; served from Jan 1864 – July 1865
  • Horace Stiles: Union, from Pennsylvania; served from 1861 – 1863
  • John Henry Van Syckle: Union, from New Jersey; served from Aug 1862 – July 1863